A minnesota girl who lives for the little moments

Puppies and a cup of coffee, count me in

The simple things are what it's all about, I try to spread kindness wherever I can and I'm definitely a goofball! (got that one from my dad) My family, faith, friends and of course my bff/Fiance Cody are so special to me! I am passionate about capturing memories and all things animals. Sometimes I spend time watching those, "dog reuniting with owner who was at war" videos and just sob from the cuteness..am I the only one? haha speaking of animals, Cody and I just took our first puppy home! Her name is Lindy, she is a black lab and we are obsessed. So happy to have her & start our little fam!

I’m living my best day when the sun is shining, I’ve gotten an early morning yoga sculpt workout in, I’m sipping a cup of coffee (iced or hot) and headed to my cozy in home office to tackle all the edits. Most likely wearing jogger sweats, a cute comfy T and a messy bun on the top of my head. My guiltiest pleasure is chips and queso, yummm.

A Minnesota girl, lover of adventure, Jesus & cabin weekends


Hey Friend! Im whitney!

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A few of my favorite things: pontoon cruises, margaritas, cheese (yes weird I know) the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S, hanging with my girls, playing volleyball & having fun & joking around with my couples!  My friends would describe me as caring, sensitive, silly, competitive, & indecisive. So, this is why all my photo galleries have hundreds of images because I can't ever decide :D

A little about my love story, my Fiance Cody is my best friend of all time. Funny story, we met when we were twelve years young and we grew up next door neighbors! He is the best guy I know and I wouldn’t be where I am today without his support and encouragement. Thanks babe, you’re the real MVP! And a pretty talented walleye fisherman if I may add :) 

OK, now I want to know all the things about you! Get ready for me to gush about your love story and send you all of the heart eyed emojis

04. I could eat crackers and cheese for every meal

05. I am very competitive in sports..and really any game 

06. I believe kindness and selflessness goes a very long way, learned this from my mama

07. I am a sensitive goofball 

01. The outdoors is my happy place

02. I love all the furry creatures, especially puppies - but also, I love to hunt and fish

03. I'm a sucker for a cool fall night wearing a comfy hoodie, but also live for summer days in the sun. 

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If you’re down for hugging, smooching, running around in fields or the city streets with your best friend and getting awesome photos of all that goodness, then you my friend are in the right place!

 I treat my sessions as a hang out! I'll get some  music playing, I'll make you guys jump into each others arms, be silly & goofy and bring all my energy to make it so much fun for you guys! Couples sessions are one of my favorite things to shoot because they're so carefree. And it is such a fun experience for the two of you to connect in a light hearted and fun way! Come ready to laugh, embrace each other, adventure a little just be your fun loving selves. I’ll be there guiding you the whole way!

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