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In a world filled with busyness & pressure I am here to lighten things up and slow things down. I am here to provide you with an experience that will let you rest, relax and just have some good old fashion fun! I am here for a good time, to be your friend and to serve you WELL.

Note to brides and grooms: I am so excited meet you & let you enjoy time with your soon to be husband or wife with no texts, calls, or work emails getting in the way. To fill our engagement session time with intention, kisses, hugs and funny prompts to make you laugh and forget anyone or anything else exists. I'm here to give you a laid back and memorable time while capturing all your quirky cute moments! I can't wait to see that beautiful canvas in your home of you and your babe laughing so hard you can't breath, snuggling so tight you never want to let go and all dressed up on your perfectly imperfect wedding day as the sun sets over the trees. It is going to be AMAZING!

I am so eager to cheer you on during this amazing time in your lives. I hope to hear from you so soon, and please tell me all the things about you!!! 

Thank you!

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- Whitney 

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