I’m Engaged!!

June 28, 2018

Cody asked me to marry him on April 28th 2018 and it was the BEST. DAY. EVER. We took a gorgeous little stroll / turned hike at Minnehaha Falls after a lunch with my best girlfriend Allie and her Fiance Brendon. Apparently Allie and Cody had been planning this for weeks and I had no idea! We hiked around the falls looking for the perfect place for me to take a photo of Allie and Brendon. Little did I know this was not the main plan!! I picked out a spot took their photo and Allie said ok your turn! You and Cody go stand out there and take  pic, and before I knew it Cody was down on one knee with a ring in hand!! I could not believe it. I think we both blacked out from excitement hahah it was so perfect. Allie was there to capture it all and I’m so grateful she was there 😀 After the shock wore off he told me he had a couple other plans in store. We were to head to my parents where both our families were there to congratulate us, bring on the champagne! Then, we were to head home and change for dinner. I walked into our house like any other day to a huge “SURPRISE!” all of my closest friends were in our home to celebrate with us all night long. It was the BEST moment and I will never forget it. I was shocked to tears, literally I cried. I felt so much love. Cody made everything so special and I am so blessed to have him by my side, he is the best guy I know. I can’t wait to spend forever with my neighborhood bestie I met when I was just 12 years old!! <3

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