Winter Wonderland with Manda and Brian

January 28, 2019

I just can’t get over these two! Manda and Brian came so excited and full of joy for all the plans I had for them during their winter wonderland engagement session. Manda and I had been chatting for weeks about the location and the outfits and the fun happy vibes we wanted to create for this day. And boy did we ever! But honestly, taking all the credit for how much joy, happiness and love radiates from these images just does not feel right. These two were so genuinely themselves it made my job effortless! They weren’t afraid to show off their playful, goofy and loving personalities, a photographers DREAM! At some points I just stood there smiling and giggling behind my camera clicking my shutter while they were doing their own thing together. Which made for some of my favorite moments I captured for them 🙂

Before we dive into the photos, let me just rave about this bride Manda for a minute. She is SO so kind, so enthusiastic about life and just full of constant joy. We clicked right away and bonded over how similar our wedding plans were as each others, which was so fun! Plus..her happy emails filled with all the emojis and exclamations are the best because that is my preferred form of communication ;D Without them… I’m definitely thinking “are you mad at me? are you not excited? what are you thinking over there!?” haha I’m so excited they chose me to photograph their love story. OH! and Brian you guys, can’t forget about this guy. He was so down to earth, easy going and just seemed all around genuine. And he seriously made Manda smile and laugh so big at some points I was worried she may pee her pants hahah they truly seemed like the most perfect match. I can’t wait for their wedding at Legacy Hill Farm this August. It’s going to be one amazing day!

Location: Hansen Tree Farm

Whitney Beth Photography

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