Happy moments and belly laughs

Puppies and a cup of coffee, you can count me in

Whitney's Ideal Clients: love life - can laugh at themselves - are easy going & kind - enjoy adventure - cherish photos - want guidance with freedom to be you!

booking the right person for the job!

Hiring a photographer that you jive well with is so important. The person you choose for capturing such special moments should be someone you like, respect, trust and have fun with! Aside from the experience and professionalism your photographer should obtain to lead you well, it's all about the relationship. It's about feeling comfortable & having open communication together to ensure your experience is exactly what you hope for! People who like things organized but are also go with the flow and up for a good time will find my experience fills their cups to the tippy top :)

I jive with people that are easy going, adventurous, fun and just absolutely love life. I produce the most natural experience when I feel my couples appreciate me and want to get to know me as much as I do them! I like to have fun and not take life too seriously while also thriving in structure, meaningful conversations & getting to know people and their stories. My ideal clients truly are just in love and genuine hearted people. And of course if you have a dog it's a requirement that they are around!  

My goal is to capture those photos you can't wait to frame. What that takes? I need your personalities and your happiest smiles to break out! You have the freedom to be your total goofy, intimate, soft, fun selves. TIP - fireball or a little champagne are great shell breakers for an engagement session if you need that extra nudge ;)  Just know I am here for YOU! I will give you nothing but my truest self and friendly bear hugs because finding friend in clients is the best bonus gift.

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The simple things are the big things, i'm usually down for just about anything and I'm definitely a goofball. Thanks dad! I am wildly passionate about putting smiles on other peoples faces and capturing memories. I'm one of the biggest animal lovers there is. Cody and I couldn't love our black fur babies Lindy & Ranger more! They both love to snuggle, be outdoors and live for food & walks. They're lot like their parents.  

I believe kindness is one of the most important things and I try my best to always be there for anyone that needs me. I am an enneagram 2 and an INFP. That I, stands for introvert, but I really feel as though I am an extrovert through my career which is so much fun! But I do love me some alone time with some wine ;)

I’m living my best day when the sun is shining, I’ve gotten an early morning yoga sculpt workout in, I've freshly brewed an espresso with milk and ALL the foam and am headed to my cozy in home office to tackle the day. Most likely wearing jogger sweats, a cute comfy T and a messy bun on the top of my head. My guiltiest pleasure is chips and queso, YUM.

 lover of adventure, carbs, dogs & cabin weekends


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A few of my favorite things: pontoon cruises, margaritas, cheese, the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S, hanging with my girls, volleyball, being outdoors & having fun & joking around with my couples! People closest to me would describe me as caring, sensitive, silly, competitive, & indecisive. Hint to why all my photo galleries have hundreds of images because I can't ever decide which to choose...that's a bonus right?! ;) 

A little about my love story, my hubby Cody is my best friend of all time. Funny story, we met when we were twelve years young and we grew up next door neighbors! He is the best guy I know and I wouldn’t be where I am today without his support and encouragement. Thanks babe, you’re the real MVP, and a pretty talented walleye fisherman if I may add :) 

I want to know all the things about you! Get ready for me to gush about your love story and send you all of the heart eyed emojis. Send me a note and tell me all about you and your babe!

05. I am very competitive in sports..and really any game

06. I believe kindness and selflessness are so important

07. I am a goofball, a softy, a night owl & up for any adventure

08. I love ice cream, the sound of trains & saxophones, dancing, hugs, funny memes & traveling 

09. Faith -  Family - Friends

01. The outdoors is my happy place 

02. I am the proudest dog mom to two black labs, Lindy and Ranger & I grew up hunting and fishing with my Dad & Grandpa.

03. I'm a sucker for a cool fall night wearing a comfy hoodie, but also live for the summer sun! On the lake sipping a margarita...

04. I could eat crackers and cheese for every meal

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